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Understanding the Chakra Series - Throat, Third Eye & Crown

The fifth chakra - THROAT or the 'Seat Of Communication' is the home of truth and authenticity. As we give voice to the truth, we give permission to be our most authentic self - no more, no less.

BALANCED THROAT Chakra - can express self, speaks the truth, creative, honest.

OVERACTIVE THROAT Chakra - speaks too much, arrogant, righteous, boring others, stubborn. UNDERACTIVE THROAT Chakra - can't express self, afraid of public speaking, timid, dependent


The sixth chakra - 'Third Eye' or 'Brow Chakra' is the home of intuition, and seeing beyond the past the present. In its band of indigo, it helps us to build a relationship with spirit and our higher self to envision the future. Through vision, creative acts of will are performed towards the service of personal transformation.

BALANCED THIRD EYE Chakra - intuitive, can meditate, reasoning, detachment to material possessions.

OVERACTIVE THIRD EYE Chakra - spaced out, lost, worrying, nightmare, religiously dogmatic.

UNDERACTIVE THIRD EYE Chakra - uninspired, lack of imagination, confused, doubting oneself.


The seventh chakra - CROWN is the state of all knowing. It is here where our relationship with the divine, with one's spiritual purpose and centre of oneness, is learned and experienced.

BALANCED CROWN Chakra - joy, connection to 'source', wisdom, faith, higher power, trust in life/spirit.

OVERACTIVE CROWN Chakra - addicted to spirituality, craving attention, over erotic imagination, frustration.

UNDERACTIVE CROWN Chakra - misunderstood, can't have fun, denying one's spiritual connection, alienation.

Please feel free to print out the information sheets for personal use only. All information is subject to copyright.


Carmela Pollock is a certified and registered Usui Reiki Master, teacher, published author and advocate for mental Health & women's health & well-being. She contributes to a number of charities that support women's health as well as volunteering for an Australian organisation Beyondblue as a online Carer Champion providing advice to carers who support loved ones with mental illness.

If you would like to know more about Carmela, you can reach her at

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