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Taking Back Your Energy - A Daily Practice

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

I share this technique with clients to assist them to find clarity on a situation they have been trying too hard to manage and/or control. It unclogs the energetic field providing space to breathe, centre and let go of the outcome.

Follow the steps below and find out for yourself. (Credit to Abby Wynne - Hay House author and Energy Therapist for the energy daily practice).

1. Centre yourself in your body and check that you have permission from yourself to do this work. You might not have permission from your mind, so reach deep into your inner knowing and tell yourself you really don't have any control over the situation anyway. Let go of the worry around it first; it you can't control it, worry won't help. Releasing worry is like a cloud lifting, and sometimes you get clarity just by doing this.

2. Breathe - calm and relax the body. If you are having trouble relaxing, you may want to do some grounding work like going outside, sending time in the garden, feet in the sand or on the grass, meditation etc.

3. When you are ready, set your intention out loud: 'I take back my energy from (name person or situation). I release my need to control the situation or that person. I ask for my energies to come back now, cleansing and healed.'

4. Wait, breathe and see how you feel. You might have had a flash in your mind, like a recognition or an answer to a question, or you might not; it doesn't matter.

5. Breathe, ground and come back to centre.

Do this again for a few days, until you feel all your energy has come back completely.

Any Questions...?

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