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Higher Self Channel - May 2018 Full Moon

The moon shines brightly today. It's intensity is reflective of the energies now upon you. The moon's brilliance brings light to the soul. Expansion is now! The talk of yet to come is gone. It is here, it is now.

This moon calls you to turn on the light that is within you. If you have become disconnected to this guiding light from worry, anger, jealousy, or resentfulness and stay in these emotional states for too long, you forget to breathe, forget to believe and forget to love.

The light within you is waiting to guide you. It can awaken you in times of darkness if you only take the time to connect with it. Take the time over this full moon to sit in quiet contemplation to uncover your inner truth. Your feelings are your guide to the soul. Allow yourself to feel what you are feeling, and then take time out to ask why you are feeling this way.

If resistance shows up, it is because of the fear of change or feelings of unworthiness. Open your heart to receiving. You are worthy. Stop the resistance to start the magic of receiving.

The light of a new beginning is now.

Be steady on your feet, but rest and recuperate when needed. Love, honour and respect your human form, it is not of the same strength and tenacity of the soul. Its limitations will be obvious and you will feel this.

Shine brightly dear one. The time of abundance awaits. Move forward with purpose and do not lament of the past. It is gone and cannot be replaced. Now is all you have as it presents all that you need.

Be clear on what you want and do not doubt that it is possible. All is possible now.

Allow yourself to be seen as the shining star that you already are.

The light is now. It shines to provide direction.

Be steady.

Be strong.

Honour your light.

Blessings my darling one.

Carmela Pollock is a certified and registered Counsellor, Usui Reiki Master teacher, award winning published author and advocate for mental Health & women's health & well-being. She contributes to a number of charities that support women's health.

If you would like to know more about Carmela's products and services, visit her website at

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