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The Key Ingredient To Start Your Healing Journey

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

One of the key elements that a client needs to bring into a counselling or Reiki session is the need to accept their 'humanness', to resurrect the relationship of self through a process of self discovery. So what does this mean?

As human beings we are perfectly imperfect and make mistakes in order to learn. It is in the acknowledgement and acceptance of this that positive conscious steps towards healing can take place. The third dimensional relationship of fear, neglect and any other negative thoughts and feelings fall away to a higher dimensional state of love, compassion and patience.

The process of self discovery in a counselling chair or on healing table is a deeply introspective one that requires a client to willingly explore their human vulnerabilities. This can be achieved through a willingness to feel that opens a deeper understanding of self.

The gentle process of a holistic approach (using counselling and Reiki) encourages a client to hold themselves in love. The miracle that surfaces is the breaking down of barriers of separation within themselves that may have been there for a lifetime or many lifetimes.

Honouring yourself for the journey that you have created in this lifetime is an act of self love. Acknowledging that having the courage to live out your experiences, and realising that you are doing the best you can in each moment, will accelerate your healing.

Next time you enter a healing space or if you are contemplating the journey to heal, leave judgement and expectation at the door. Walk through with the understanding that the key ingredients to success are:

1. open your heart to receive; and

2. take conscious positive steps to change your choices to bring healing to the table.

A great book if you are embarking on healing you life.

You deserve to feel and be enriched in life and all that it has to offer. Playing small or simply existing is not your purpose.

You have the power to heal your life, and you need to know that if doubt is your companion. You have the power of your mind, heart and soul. Consciously tap into that power by taking steps towards addressing what troubles you or simply doesn't feel right. Keep it simple and don't over complicate the process.

Healing at the end of the day is a choice. Do you choose it today?


Carmela Pollock is a certified Counsellor, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, award winning published author and advocate for mental health & women's health & well-being. Located in Mornington, Victoria, Australia she supports women and children in therapy using western and eastern techniques across Australia and USA. She also actively contributes to a number of charities that support women's health.

If you would like to know more about Carmela's services, visit her website at

Client Praise

'I started seeing Carmela a few months ago, for both Reiki and Holistic Counselling. Carmela amazes me each time with her caring loving nature, her enthusiasm and her beautiful soul. I believe I am very lucky that Carmela has come into my life, and I will continue to have Reiki and counselling with her.'

~ Wendy S, Langwarrin, Victoria, Australia

'Carmela has changed my life in so many ways. I was struggling and without direction. I played small because l didn't know how to get out of this limiting mindset. She guided me gently and opened a space of compassion and connection. I am so thankful and grateful of her skills to open a heart like mine that was closed for so long due to grief and childhood neglect. Thank you Carmela for what you do. She is amazing.'

~ Stephanie B, Mornington, Victoria, Australia

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