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What is different about my Reiki 1 training?

Updated: Mar 27, 2019

Lately I have been asked by a number of women why the Soulworks Reiki 1 Training For Women is a one day workshop rather than two days as facilitated by some Reiki Master Teachers. I hope this blog helps to explain why.

Firstly, l enjoy the continued contact with new Reiki practitioners to impart my knowledge and experiences as a Reiki Master. I particularly enjoy watching women grow with energy healing. To make this possible, I created a post training group coaching process that brings Reiki 1 practitioners together in a supportive and caring environment to share, connect and grow. These are FREE sessions and offered to all Soulworks Reiki 1 students.

Secondly, additional course content that would otherwise have been covered in a day two is provided in the group coaching sessions. This approach avoids students feeling overwhelmed in training.

Reiki practice is always offered to cement new content delivered.

Thirdly, it's widely understood by trained Reiki practitioners after a Reiki attunement, there may arise challenging side effects. The side effects are not just limited to the physical. They also include mental, emotional and life altering ones. Reiki energy is an intelligent universal life force that asks you to acknowledge the issues that create stress and pain in your life to begin the healing process. This commences when the Reiki Master Teacher introduces life force energy into the body through solar plexus, hands and heart chakras during the attunment process.

Newbies to Reiki are not always ready for the side effects, even though it is covered as an important topic in the training. Therefore, the post training coaching provides the necessary support to allow new Reiki 1 practitioners to feel supported and nurtured during the challenging periods.

Lastly, in a world with ever changing and demanding energies coupled with the constant demands and expectations, women are in need more than ever to lean on each other for understanding, support and connection. Current research confirms that bringing people together under a common purpose provides tremendous benefits in health and wellness both personally and professionally.

I have always felt guided to open a sacred space that connects women under a common bond to heal themselves, recognise love as the single source of truth and realise the mastery that resides in their soul.

If you are a women who has felt the pull to learn Reiki, consider these questions:

1. Do you want free coaching to learn new tools and skills to heal your life?

2. Do you want to feel held and supported on your Reiki journey?

3. Do you want to connect with other like minded women to dive into common issues and challenges surrounding healing?

4. Are you ready to become who you were born to be, and do so in a circle of sisterhood and mentoring?

If you answered YES to these questions, contact me to book your Reiki 1 training session. To understand more about who l am, head over to About Me page.

Special Note: group and one-on-one training is offered. Both of these training options include post training group coaching. All coaching session are optional.

Code of Conduct

Carmela Pollock of Soulworks Essential Therapies adheres to the standards, codes, ethics and teaching guidelines set out by the International Association of Reiki Professionals and is certified as a Reiki Master and teacher.

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