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You Deserve To Shine - The Time Is NOW

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Everyone deals with pain and anger in their own way. There is no right or wrong. You are a master piece evolving and changing with the ebbs and flows of the universe. Our pain points lead us to incredible learnings. You may not want to endure them at that moment, but they are yours, created by your soul to grow and experience. It is at those moments, hold yourself with love and compassion. You are coming into your rightful place of wisdom and greatness.

You are the champion of your soul and only one of you exists. Be still and breathe in my friend; the mystery we call God, Divine Source, is whispering to you. Heal and love the parts of you that are not celebrated, that cannot be seen or put into words. You are unconditionally loved and held with reverence by the universe. Rise up and set your champion free.

Now may l invite you to read the following with both hands on your heart. As you take in each sentence, feel the light rise in your being. Now it is time...

With more love than l can say,

Carmela x

I invite you to get fully connected to your body, to your Soul and to your mind.

We move around so busy, that we spend more time outside of ourselves then inside.

So lets go in.

Visualise a serene setting, whether it be water, garden, butterflies, something bigger and more amazing than us.

Engage your mind, surrendering to your greatness and accepting your values.

I want you to refrain from allowing your mind to ask, the why, the how, the when, the where - you don't need any of these answers right now.

You just need to know that this is, the perfect time to set your champion free.

Take a deep breathe, allowing all of the thoughts to melt away.

You are designed for greatness.

Your light is meant to shine.

You are worthy of healthy, wholesome and complete love.

No one can design your destiny, but you.

You will get to your goals, with a no matter what mindset.

You will move forward with the understanding that quitters never win, and winners never quit.

And you have been designed as a winner!

You have everything you need within you.

To experience the life that you want to experience.

Bliss, joy, peace of mind and crazy amazing love, are all yours - it is all available to you.

This world would not be the same, if you weren't here.

And your life belongs to you, but it also belongs to the world.

When you win - the world wins.

And when you have a breakthrough, the universe celebrates that breakthrough with you, as you continue to set your champion free.

The universe says Thank You.

You prayed the prayer, you did the work and said YES!

Set your champion FREE...

Source: Lisa Nichols,


Carmela Pollock is a certified Counsellor, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, award winning published author and advocate for mental health & women's health & well-being. Located in Mornington, Victoria, Australia she supports women and children in therapy using western and eastern techniques across Australia and USA. She also actively contributes to a number of charities that support women's health.

If you would like to know more about Carmela's services, visit her website at

Client Praise

'I started seeing Carmela a few months ago, for both Reiki and Holistic Counselling. Carmela amazes me each time with her caring loving nature, her enthusiasm and her beautiful soul. I believe I am very lucky that Carmela has come into my life, and I will continue to have Reiki and counselling with her.'

~ Wendy S, Langwarrin, Victoria, Australia

'Carmela has changed my life in so many ways. I was struggling and without direction. I played small because l didn't know how to get out of this limiting mindset. She guided me gently and opened a space of compassion and connection. I am so thankful and grateful of her skills to open a heart like mine that was closed for so long due to grief and childhood neglect. Thank you Carmela for what you do. She is amazing.'

~ Stephanie B, Mornington, Victoria, Australia

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