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The Boundaries Series - PART 3

Updated: Oct 26, 2019

I hope you are finding the Women's Boundaries Series useful. This week we focus on the final part that explores your boundaries using the FREE downloadable worksheet.

If you haven't read part 1 and 2, I highly recommend you do so before starting. Click on the following links:

In this activity, you'll be asked to think of a particular relationship, and the quality of the boundaries within that relationship. The second half of the worksheet asks questions that are designed to help you begin considering ways to improve your boundaries.

Remember this is an exploration process only looking at one person or group whom you are struggling with mostly and the condition of those boundaries you have presently. To take this process the next step, I recommend you seek advice from a trained Counsellor or Psychologist to define, set and keep boundaries as well as identify consequences if they are broken. Doing the work will be extremely rewarding. It strengthens your relationships, builds confidence and ensures your needs are met.

To begin your exploration, download the free worksheet here.

If you want to take your boundaries exploration to the next level, contact Carmela or book online.


Carmela Pollock is a certified Counsellor, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, award winning published author and advocate for mental health & women's health & well-being. Located in Mornington, Victoria, Australia she supports women and children in therapy using western and eastern techniques across Australia and internationally. She also actively contributes to a number of charities that support women's health.

If you would like to know more about Carmela's services, or attend a one-on-one boundaries session, visit her website to make an appointment at

Client Praise

'I started seeing Carmela a few months ago, for both Reiki and Holistic Counselling. Carmela amazes me each time with her caring loving nature, her enthusiasm and her beautiful soul. I believe I am very lucky that Carmela has come into my life, and I will continue to have Reiki and counselling with her.'

~ Wendy S, Langwarrin, Victoria, Australia

'Carmela has changed my life in so many ways. I was struggling and without direction. I played small because l didn't know how to get out of this limiting mindset. She guided me gently and opened a space of compassion and connection. I am so thankful and grateful of her skills to open a heart like mine that was closed for so long due to grief and childhood neglect. Thank you Carmela for what you do. She is amazing.'

~ Stephanie B, Mornington, Victoria, Australia

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