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Accessing Past Life Memories for Healing

Updated: Jul 17, 2020

The soul, the spirit, your true self, call it what you will, each of us carry within a timeless essence, a portion of us that is eternal energy shining with the purest light.

In most of us, these beautiful pure energy centres can become cloaked or clouded with layers of shadow. These shadows, often the result of trauma suffered over many lifetimes, the accumulation of emotional or spiritual wounds, mistakes that have gone unresolved, that obscure the pure light within us. The shadow blocks our true selves from shining through, preventing our pure spiritual energy and potential from being released into the world.

The Soul's Journey

I feel l have suffered more in previous lives that l have had to endure in this life. These experiences range from torture at the hands of men for practising ancient healing arts to a violent death for speaking as a woman in times of female suppression in 14th century. I have seen myself in many past lives and not always as a human on planet Earth! Thankfully, I have not had to endure the violence in this lifetime. This is due to my soul's journey, the lessons learned in past lives and obstacles l have overcome and the healing l have received.

Fortunately, life is not about suffering. It is about the soul's journey, the soul's progression, about the healing of past suffering in order to strip away these layers of shadow and pain that conceal who we really are, who we are meant to be, to reveal pure light and energy that is within all of us.

Past life healing can be emotionally and spiritually challenging. This is the result of releasing the negative energies that have been building up over many lifetimes, the negative energies that we felt unable to deal with or refused to acknowledge for so long. Once we journey through the release with acknowledgement, wisdom and compassion, the outcome can be life-changing.

Healing the injuries of the past helps us move forward and will bring good things into our present. In short, we will be happier, our personal energy field more positive and those around us will benefit from this as well. The clarity that comes from a session can and will answer some of your life's most pressing questions around relationships with others and yourself.

Two options to uncover your past lives

If you are interested in travelling to your past, there are two options available at Soulworks. To know more about each of these services, follow the links below or contact Carmela 0418 179 569.

1. Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT)

QHHT was created and refined by the late Delores Cannon. QHHT is used to facilitate spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness.  People come to this method with physical issues, questions about their purpose in life, or just to better understand and experience our grand connectedness.  Others come to the technique for surrogate healing for those who are not available to attend a session of their own.

Some people might better understand the term "past-life regression", and that is exactly how Dolores started, with the exploration of past lives.  Today, with the expansion of human consciousness, there is more than just past lives to experience. Others experience future lives, parallel lives, lives on other planets, lives in other dimensions. Some people visit the spirit side. QHHT focuses on the concept that the client will go to the most appropriate time and place to address any requests for healing or information. The difference here from a past life regression session (as noted below) is that the therapist will engage in conversation with the client's higher self or sometimes called the over soul to answer prepared questions received from the client before the session.

A QHHT session will take between 4 to 6 hours.

To understand more about QHHT follow the link

2. Past Life Regression Therapy

Past Life Regression is an extremely dynamic and powerful way to go inside and connect with your inner self and your inner knowing to make positive changes in your modern-day life. This therapy promotes self-observation and self-knowledge that lends itself to self-healing and self-empowerment. There are generally four reasons people decide to schedule a past life regression:

  • Satisfy your curiosity

  • Access talents, gifts, abilities or lost knowledge

  • Release physical, mental or emotional challenges that hold you back

  • Better connection with and understanding of your spiritual journey

A Past Life Regression Therapy session will take up to 2 hours.

Carmela Pollock is a holistic trained Counsellor, Quantum Healing Hypnosis therapist, Past Life Regressionist, Usui Reiki Master Teacher, animal lover, and avid book reader. She started her own healing journey nearly 15 years ago after a life-long struggle with chronic pain caused by uterine disease. After discovering the healing power of Reiki combined with Counselling, she is living a quality of life that was unimaginable before. Carmela is in private practice on the Mornington Peninsula, Australia where she holds a sacred space to guide and support adults and children in therapy using eastern and western medicine.

If you would like to know more about Carmela's services, visit her website at

Client Praise

'My QHHT session with Carmela has dramatically altered my life. After years of neck pain, teeth grinding and constant headaches, I have found relief. Since QHHT I have not had to wear my jaw splint, I have not been grinding my teeth and I have not had to constantly crack and massage my painful neck. QHHT has also taught me how to listen to, and trust, my own intuition and inner guidance. I feel so much more confident in my decisions and who I am. Carmela led me through QHHT with absolute professionalism and grace. I felt calm and supported throughout the session. I would highly recommend a QHHT session with Carmela and look forward to doing another one in the future. Thank you Carmela! '

~ Kate Hadley, Victoria, Australia

' I recently experienced a QHHT session with Carmela and to say it was life-changing would be an understatement. Not only did Carmela touch on so many triggers for me (in a good way)whilst being so caring and supportive, this was all before the QHHT had even properly begun. She was able to be direct in a way I had never experienced before, but also warm and gentle at the same time. Carmela is clearly a soul in her perfect place, helping others the way she does and I’m so grateful to have met her.'

~ Jade Walker, Mornington, Victoria, Australia

Check out Google for more reviews or visit the Soulworks Essential Therapies Facebook page.

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