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Hello to a Full Moon full of possibilities and deep healing,

The focus on this May Full Moon is about rising up and seeing the bigger picture of your life. Keep your eyes focused forward. Use this potent Full Moon energy to lift you higher through quiet contemptation. I suggest you find time to meditate, journal or take a walk in nature. If you have been delaying change in your life, it is now time to review and take steps towards lasting peace, harmony and hearing the call of your soul. You've got this!

Self love is the key. Honour you and feel yourself rise into the divine light that you are.

To assist your focus on this Full Moon, choose one card from the beautiful 'Crystal Grid' reading cards by Nicola McIntosh. Print out your card and use it to direct your self love activity, or place it under your pillow and set an intention.

Sending you love as you grow from soul.

Carmela x


Crystal Focus: AMETHYST

You are being asked to step into awareness and understand the root cause of any issues that have been dominating your mind and heart. Use an Amethyst to help with organising your thoughts to gain a deeper understanding of the issue(s) you may be working with. If you don't have an Amethyst, download a picture of an Amethyst and carry it with you on your person.

There is a bigger picture involved here and that starts from looking within. Great transformation always happens when we turn to the internal factors and decide that we truly have the strength to look at ourselves. Mediation is a good starting place; still your mind, and let your soul guide you.


Crystal Focus: ROSE QUARTZ

This card has come to you for it is time for self discovery - to learn more about you and to love yourself unconditionally without judgement or comparison to others. You have special qualities and its time to show the world who you are. By looking within and loving what you see, you give yourself permission to be you. When you love you, you will draw others to you who will love you for who you are.

Opening your heart centre will bring great joy to your life. Sometimes just changing the way we look at ourselves can change the way others also see us. Our strength and confidence needs to come from within, only then can we truly shine.

Use the grid to centre self love as your priority under the May Full Moon.


Crystal Focus: SCOLECITE

This card comes to you today to bring peace in your relationships and help you focus on improving connections with groups or networking with people. You may have been experiencing some challengers and are in need of peace, a place where you can step away and just breathe. Take time out for you and put yourself first for a change. Peace can come by finding your centre, just as the Scolecite crystal is placed in the centre of the grid.

Find your centre, find your peace.

When you find your centre you will know. You will feel grounded and strong and your mind will be clear, enabling you to stand your ground and, most of all, you will feel peace. When you feel and radiate peace from within, you will attract peace around you. Sometimes you need to let go of controlling what's happening around you and shift your energy to within.

Use the grid to find your centre, find your peace in the May Full Moon.

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