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What is the Akash?

The actual word ‘Akash’ is derived from the Sanskrit word Akasha, which means sky or ether. It represents knowledge - the sum of a souls every emotion, thought and experience throughout time. This knowledge is not consciously present, but all the experiences where you have picked up wisdom are with you right now, hidden in your Akash.


Each soul reincarnates to learn and experience. By accessing our Akashic Record we often see predominant emotional and cognitive patterns like fear, self-judgement and poor self-esteem as strong indicators of present life lessons brought forward from the past. Recognising those patterns and fears and working through them helps us to continue our journey and improve present day circumstances.


So essentially, all your desires, talents, abilities, fears, and actions that played out in previous lives are still with you. Every soul has a learning cycle that keeps us all returning. We are not forced by a divine source to return, experience, and learn. It is the choice of each soul to learn and remember, or ignore and do nothing. By choosing to have an Akashic Reading, you are electing to understand and realign to master your life.


What you will receive in a reading 

1. Deep dive into your Akashic record identifying unique soul characteristics, soul gifts, past life blocks and restrictions, contracts, karmic patterns and number of spirit guides that are currently supporting you. 


2. Powerful and customised energy clearing and healing to remove anything standing in your way of transforming your life and enabling you to move forward.

3. We connect on a 60-minute session on Skype where l share my findings. 

(Physical attendance is not required. The reading and clearing is done remotely for your convenience).

4. Written customised homecare emailed to you that will consciously integrate new energy patterns into their physical bodies.

Are you ready to make real change in your life?  If you would like to know more, please email or call 0418 179 569 for a confidential discussion. Alternatively go to


Note on checkout -  be sure to leave your email address. We will then send you instructions on what we will need from you prior to the reading. This is important as the information you provide will be the energetic exchange to allow the reader to access your Akashic record.

Akashic Record Reading - Unlock the Secrets of Soul

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