** Connect with the ancient spirit and nature of Australia **

By Laura Bowen


Drawing on the ancient wisdom and spirit of Aboriginal Australia, Laura Bowen has created the Dreamtime Reading Cards using indigenous dot painting techniques. These beautiful cards are powerful meditations, showing you the world with a new pair of eyes and allowing you to connect with spirit. The 36 cards feature the flora and fauna and sacred spaces of land, water and sky that reflects those that surrounds us, exists below us and lives above us.

Each card contains spiritual meaning and personal messages and the accompanying book offers a detailed explanation to guide you in your understanding. Back in the beginning, in the Dreamtime when the earth was being created, there was spirit. Some of these spirits became a part of the landscape, some took on the shape of the Australian continent's abundant flora and fauna, and some became man and woman - and it is from them that we are all descended.

Debbie happily says that Angels are amongst us. We as earthly beings sometimes become too caught up with our daily lives that we forget that other realms exist around us. In an age where we are faced with daily challenges from forces that appear to be out of our control, Angel Reading Cards help us to connect to a higher realm and seek the assistance we need in our everyday lives.


SoulShop Comments - these cards are exquisite! The guide book is written in an easy to read fashion - being that it just flows. Laura has a beautiful gift of words and it shows when she writes about these cards. Each card conveys a message, an ancient wisdom, a deep connection to all things around us. You won't be disappointed buying these cards. I use them daily!

Dreamtime Reading Cards

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