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Holistic Counselling

Start your journey to wellness


What is Holistic Counselling?


Holistic Counselling treats the client as a whole, instead of treating just the symptoms. A Holistic Counsellor will look deeper into an individual's overall physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being, including life experiences, to uncover underlying causes.  A number of techniques and tools are used to bring a gentle awareness to the surface to assist in making the necessary shift physically, mentally and emotionally.

Incorporating an integrative approach to counselling, we journey alongside our clients to explore and discover aspects of their multidimensional self and human experience. We do not see clients as damaged or needing to be 'rescued'.  Instead, the focus is on uncovering, acknowledging, healing and aligning to their true soul aspects - to live a balanced and meaningful life.


Holistic Counselling is effective in treating and supporting a number of life

challenges. This is done in a safe and supportive environment. 


Carmela Pollock's lived experience provides a breadth of knowledge to share

while she opens a space of compassion and understanding for adults, teens 

and children.





Counselling Method to Heal, Grow and Thrive

The Soulworks method offers a number of checkpoints to ensure:

1. Counsellor and client are the right fit.

2. Information about the client's history, personal stories and medical history is captured.

3. Client goals and expectations are documented.

4. Different tools and practices are discussed to ensure the client is comfortable with the approach.

Personalised treatment will generally include a number of modalities to ensure an integrative approach is implemented as we keep to therapy goals.


The Soulworks provides a safe space to share and release feelings and personal experiences. Any information shared in the sessions will be strictly confidential. Any information passed on, including information to your doctor or a health practitioner, will only be shared with your permission.

'You have the power to be wholeheartedly amazing

and it's my intention to help you to create a life that embodies that'


Need to talk... make an appointment or find out more?


Appointments are available weekdays and one Saturday each month. If you are looking to book a weekend timeslot, call or text Carmela 0418 179 569. All other appointments you can book online. 

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