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A Journey to Energy Mastery

Reiki Level 3 - The Master Degree "SHINPIDEN'


Mandatory Requirement:  evidence of Reiki 1, Reiki 2 certificates, minimum of 12 months experience between Reiki 2 and Master level.

Duration:  3 days onsite training + 4x  one hour coaching sessions.


Soulworks upholds the traditional method of Reiki Master level through an apprenticeship style of initiating you to Reiki Mastership which includes healing, attunement process and training others held over 5-6 months.  Soulworks also brings in some counselling techniques to assist practitioners to work with more troubled clients. 

This is uniquely tailored teaching that will support your transformation as you bring all your Reiki experience together to discover your own personal style, with extended techniques and methods to use for self-healing and clients.

The Master level requires commitment, devotion, grace and humility with your personal healing journey and Reiki practice. It is deeply transformational and should only be undertaken if you are willing to let go of the ego, attachments and emotional blockages to embody the Reiki discipline.   

Reiki Master.png

Reiki Mastership is a commitment that takes up to 6 months. Students will initially be awarded a Reiki Master Level 3 certificate at the completion of the three days of training. At the completion of the four Reiki Mastership coaching sessions, a Reiki Master Teacher certificate will be provided. 

To be eligible to attend Reiki Masters level with Soulworks, phone or text Carmela 0418 179 569 to arrange a face-to-face discussion. 


Course Content R


The following is a high-level outline covered in the three-day onsite training. To receive the full outline and requirements, contact Soulworks on 0418 179 569 or email

  1. Recap of Reiki 1 & 2

  2. Locating blocked emotions techniques

  3. Structuring client questioning to bring the most out of your session

  4. Reiki Master Meditation

  5. Understanding and using the Usui Reiki Master symbol + selection of powerful Tibetan symbols

  6. Karmic Reiki technique

  7. Aura clearing techniques

  8. Reiki meditations for you and your clients

  9. Understanding, preparing and delivering the attunements for all levels + distance attunements

  10. Teaching Reiki all levels + class outlines

  11. Receive Reiki Master Attunements

  12. Reiki Association Membership, Code of Ethics

  13. Creating a thriving Reiki practice

Course Facilitator 

Carmela Pollock is a holistic trained Counsellor, International Reiki Master Teacher, Quantum Healing Hypnosis practitioner and gifted intuitive. Combining her modalities and skills, she opens a space of compassion to journey and support adults, Teens and children across Australia and internationally.


Training Options


Reiki Master training is offered as small group training. Private one-on-one training is also available. To know more, contact Carmela 0418 179 569.

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