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Past Life Regression Therapy

  • 2 hr 30 min
  • 345 Australian dollars
  • The Private Sea - 3 Satu Way, Mornington

Service Description

Past Life Regression Therapy allows you to go back in time and recall earlier life and past life memories. This is not some 'New Age' therapy, in fact, the grandfather of present day Regression Therapy was Sigmund Freud whose innovative work suggested that bringing the wisdom and knowledge of the subconscious mind into the conscious mind would restore choice and foster personal healing. Past Life Regression is an extremely dynamic and powerful way to go inside and connect with your inner self and your inner knowing to make positive changes in your modern day life. The fact that we have all lived many different lives in a variety of places and roles has a direct influence on our current life and who we are today. This helps explain why we are drawn to certain cultures, professions, hobbies, people, and relationships. Our soul stores the memories of these life times and we are able to access this knowledge using hypnotic regression. By learning from our Past, we are able to take charge of our desire for evolution and move closer to the goal of achieving our self-mastery. This therapy promotes self-observation and self-knowledge that lends itself to self-healing and self-empowerment. 4 Reasons People Decide to Schedule a Past Life Regression: 1. Satisfy your curiosity 2. Access talents, gifts, abilities or lost knowledge 3. Release physical, mental or emotional challenges that hold you back 4. Better connection with and understanding of your spiritual journey Understanding the Process: You will not be asleep or in an unconscious state as this is not hypnosis. Your mind will be alert and hear everything that is said to you, although you may not remember the session once you are fully awake. Being in this relaxed hypnotic state allows access to your subconscious mind. This is where all your past life memories are stored. When in the past life we can go backward or forward like rewinding a movie, gathering information as we go, we look for dates, places and names, many of our clients like to do the research and have found their past life character in genealogy web sites. Once we have gathered lots of information, we then move to the last days and moments of that life where the death is viewed in a detached objective way . Fears, habits, phobias, wealth, and health issues can be anchored in our distant past and stored in our energy field, forming inner conflicts and health problems in this life. Once cleared, any problems often disappear.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Policy If you need to reschedule your session appointment, please call or text 0418 179 569 as soon as possible. A 50% fee applies to all appointments cancelled within 24 hours. For Workshops & Training See for details.

Contact Details

+ 0418179569

The Private Sea Wellness Centre, Satu Way, Mornington VIC, Australia

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