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SAGE Room & Aura Spray (100ml)


Sage Spray is used for cleansing and purifying your personal space and energy field. A perfect combination of Sage combined with other spiritual essential oils and clear quartz crystals to create your sacred space free of negative energies, to uplift both the vibration, and your spirit. A perfect alternative to smudge sticks.


It is great for house clearings, to energetically clean a healing room or any spaces used by healers.


SHAKE WELL, spray above head and around the whole body (aura) or space.


Room and Space sprays are all made with organic essential oils and distilled water. Each item is infused with Reiki energy and programmed with intention by Reiki Master Carmela. They are safe to use on the skin or sprayed around your auric space.


100ml aluminium bottles wrapped with Angel wings.

SAGE Room Aura Spray (100ml)

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