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Understanding Akashic Records Series - Part 1 'What are the Akashic Records?'

Updated: Mar 3, 2019

Curiosity and self awareness are the hallmark of being human, the reason humanity has grown and developed. Most of us, as we grow spiritually, wonder who we are and where we came from. A sense of déjà vu, or a feeling of familiarity with a strange place or person leads to wondering – have I lived before? This wondering can become a quest for knowing as a person delves into the reason for phobias, patterns of behaviour, or blocks that stop progress along the chosen path, which leads us to the Akash.

What is the Akash?

The actual word ‘Akash’ is derived from the Sanskrit word Akasha, which means sky or ether. It represents knowledge - the sum of a souls every emotion, thought and experience throughout time. This knowledge is not consciously present, but all the experiences where you have picked up wisdom are with you right now, hidden in your Akash.

What does this mean?

Essentially, all your desires, talents, abilities, fears, and actions that played out in previous lives are still with you. Every soul has a learning cycle that keeps us all returning. We are not forced by a divine source to return, experience, and learn. It is the choice of each soul to learn and remember, or ignore and do nothing.

Where is the Akash?

When a soul reincarnates, the sum of all its human experiences pass through and are transferred into the multi-dimensional areas within the DNA. Every experience of every life lived by a soul is stored in the cells, and through the process called cellular memory a human holds all the information of every life expression lived by that person. The DNA communicates in emotional concepts, which is why we don’t remember specific events, but carry emotional memories with us that translate into phobias, fears, or patterns.

Living life from the heart centre rather than the mind is the records subtle way of directing our current life and receiving life changing information and energy.

Why can’t I remember?

You can remember, and you do, we all do. Our Akashic Record does not manifest as memories, but can presents in two ways:

  1. Emotional triggers from experiences, places or events. As examples, the fear of going to a certain place, or meeting someone you know is a stranger but they are so familiar to you they trigger an emotional response.

  2. Recurring patterns that play out in your life. Examples of this are a string of broken intimate relationships, ongoing financial issues, poor business decisions or friendship choices.

Deep fears and phobias are examples of a type of past life memory, particularly when there is no trigger from the current life. Examples of these can be a fear of heights, claustrophobia, an irrational fear of water, or of falling in love.

Why access the Akashic Record?

Each soul reincarnates to learn and experience. By accessing our Akashic Record we often see predominant emotional and cognitive patterns like fear, self-judgement and poor self-esteem as strong indicators of present life lessons brought forward from the past. Recognising those patterns and fears and working through them helps us to continue our journey and improve present day circumstances.

It is important to know and understand that the Akash also contains your future as an energy of potential. The soul creates lessons of future major life events which are not scripted in advance. They are energetic potentials only, that can be changed by bringing the power of intention to make the change you want to see now. We always have been and remain the masters of our destiny, co creating with spirit to realise the magnificence of who we are - spiritual beings having a physical experience.

Coming up in Part 2...

Please join me next month, where I cover what is karma and the three main causes that are present in the soul’s Akashic record.

Any Questions...?

If you would like to know more about how accessing your Akashic Records can help you click on the image above or drop me a line - click here.


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